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Holistic Beauty Room is run by professional skincare experts and aestheticians.

Our company is run by professional aestheticians who are skincare experts, passionate about using excellent skincare that is ethically sourced, using high grade ingredients.

We are passionate about using excellent skincare products that are ethically sourced, using high grade ingredients. Our Argan Oil is sourced directly with the UCFA, the first Union of Berber Women Cooperatives in South Morocco, producing the highest grade argan oil.

Argan nuts collected by hand

Quality kernels collected by hand and using cold pressed machines are filtered with natural papers, giving maximum properties. This is fair trade and PGI certified which means that it is produced within the UNESCO preserved argan forest to ensure sustainable income to its 1000 women members.

This helps 22 villages in extremely underdeveloped areas.

This means that it has not been through chemical refining or processing. Shea Butter comes from the nut of the African Shea tree. It contains high levels of anti-oxidants, oleic acid, Vitamin A, phenolic compounds similar to that found in green tea and higher than levels found in olives! Our shea butter is packed full of goodness and known to be anti-inflammatory, healing and nourishing.

Our Shea Butter and Organic Argan Oil are non-deodorised and filtered for maximum skincare efficacy, keeping their high grade properties to maximum levels. All of our products are safety assessed and comply with European regulation.

Our Shea Butter is from the Global Shea Alliance in Ghana, it is unrefined and raw.

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