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Improve Skin Hydration Holistic Beauty Room

How can we improve a dull skin, showing signs of outbreaks but feels dry?

This is a really common skin complaint and many of us are displaying areas of blocked pores, either with blackheads, or raised areas or spots. Then drier areas particularly around the eyes and cheeks. Overall, the skin lacks radiance and appears dull.

This is showing us that the skin is overproducing oil/sebum but in other areas there is a lack of oil and hydration. Quite often the skin can appear uneven and blotchy.

There are several key steps to take:

  • Use a corrective skin serum to rebalance your oil and hydration levels. We recommend our Radiance Renewal, Skin Recovery or Age Defying Hydrator serums. Apply a few drops, you do not need to overuse. Use morning and night. You can also apply a drop to your regular moisturiser for an added skin boost!
  • 2x week apply our Skin Perfect Face Mask. Rich in minerals and vitamins to detoxify, soften, brighten and tighten!
  • 2 x week at night apply one of our Botanical Balms – either Lavender, Geranium or Grapefruit. Highly nutritious with Vitamin A and E, to help correct imbalanced oil and hydration levels.
  • Simple steps using our pure, clean skincare!
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