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Mini Moisturising Balms


Set of three.

SKU: 3BS-15ml-x3


Grapefruit Botanical Balm 15ml
Geranium Botanical Balm 15ml &
Lavender Recovery Moisturiser 15ml

Introduce yourself to our three luxurious nourishing Botanical Balms.

Containing a vitamin complex of Organic Ghanaian Shea Butter delicately blended with Organic Moroccan Argan oil each with their unique aromatherapy signature.

Blended into a soufflé texture to help your skin’s hydration levels, stimulating your senses and rebalancing your soul.

Apply to face, neck, décolletage and breast area to hydrate, improve skin suppleness and create a beautiful skin glow. High level antioxidant content to help combat free radical skin damage and improve texture. Suitable for areas with stretch marks/scars.

Also available individually in 60ml sizes.


Apply a pearl sized amount to your palm, rub both hands together to melt the balm into a velvety silk. Pat onto skin then lightly massage using slow upward moments.

Warning: Always patch test before using.

Product contains natural occurring chemicals, Limonene, Geraniol and Linalool. Argan oil comes from cold pressed Argan Almonds Nuts.

Please seek medical advice for children, during pregnancy or if you have a medical condition. In case of reaction, rinse with lots of water and seek medical advice.

Store in cool, dark place.

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