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Radiance Renewal


Rejuvenating and Uplifting Serum with Geranium and Bergamot

SKU: RR-30ml



Oily, congested and combination skin also needs a daily serum/moisturiser to keep the skin supple and the barrier working correctly.

Our hormonal system affects our skin quality. Puberty and menopause can effect oil (sebum) production, affecting the skin by increasing or decreasing natural oil. Geranium is a known rebalancing ingredient and can help your skin.

This is also great to use on hair and beards to condition and soften.

Professional Strength, 30ml

Refresh your senses whilst hydrating your skin.

Can help skin that is oily, congested, combination, dry or skin going through hormonal changes. Great for dull skin that requires vitality and hydration. Remember that an oily skin can still be dry on the surface as many people make the mistake of not moisturising.

Our ‘liquid gold’ Organic Argan Oil is formulated with Geranium and Bergamot to give an uplifting skin rejuvenating treatment. High level antioxidants with essential fatty acids are supercharged with the extra benefits of these results driven ingredients. Geranium is known for rebalancing hydration levels and tightening the skin to add vitality whilst revitalising skin cells. Bergamot is known for unclogging blocked pores and brightening skin.

Apply 4-6 drops morning and night, or just at night depending on your skin’s requirements.
Gently pat onto the face, neck and chest/décolletage area

Ingredients: Argania Spinosia, Citrus Bergamia FCF, Pelargonium Graveolens

Warning: Always patch test before using.

Product contains natural occurring chemicals, Limonene, Geraniol and Linalool. Argan oil comes from cold pressed Argan Almonds Nuts.

Please seek medical advice for children, during pregnancy or if you have a medical condition. In case of reaction, rinse with lots of water and seek medical advice.

Store in cool, dark place.

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